Upcoming Interview Excitement & Nonna's Book Of Mysteries Winners

4689969207 43a8974d57 m Upcoming Interview Excitement & Nonna's Book Of Mysteries WinnersOne of my greatest joys is running and writing the content for YA Book Shelf. However, I have to admit that there is a special place in my heart for the two distinct events that I get to announce today: an upcoming interview where the author pops by my site to answer your questions and comments AND posting the results of a contest that just concluded yesterday. Perhaps it may not sound like a lot to you, but it makes it happy to know that other people are going to share in the awesome experience of a book (or in this case books) that I really loved.

Since some of you have been waiting almost two weeks to find out whether you’ve won Nonna’s Book Of Mysteries or not, I figure you can wait a couple more seconds while I announce something new and exciting on my site. This weekend (that’s Saturday and Sunday), I will be posting a new YA novelist interview with the author of a few books that you have to check out, entitled Break On Through and Rhythm And Blues . If you haven’t checked out these books or the author, Jill Murray, then as I said in my review, you’re definitely missing out. If you stop by on either Saturday or Sunday to post your comments and questions, Jill will be popping by every once in awhile to read and respond to what you have to say.

If you couldn’t tell that I was seriously excited about my upcoming interview, then I’m not sure if you’ll realize what a pleasure it is to announce the two lucky winners of Mary Osborne‘s newly released book Nonna’s Book Of Mysteries, which is Book One of the Alchemy Series. This book will transport readers to the studios and homes of the Renaissance world, where questions of art, faith and doubt pop up all the time.

So now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the first winner selected via the random number generator on Random.org is Protagitron or @msprotagitron.

And the second winner is Jackie or @teenbookguide.

Winners will have 48 hours to respond to me by email with their mailing addresses, so I can forward them on to the publisher.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who entered the contest: it is only with your continued support that I can make these YA giveaways possible. If you didn’t get the chance to win this time around, then please keep in mind that I will be having at least two more contests this month alone, and you can still buy your own copy of Mary Osborne’s great book, Nonna’s Book Of Mysteries, and at the same time, you’ll get a sneak peek at the next book in the Alchemy Series, Alchemy’s Daughter!

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