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5012064650 26dbd6f566 The Replacement Book TrailersWhether you’ve had the chance to check out the book trailers for Brenna Yovanoff‘s book that hits store shelves everywhere in North America today or not, you have probably seen The Replacement ‘s cover with the eerie look that has the power to draw in horror and Gothic novel fans by the thousands. When it comes to creating atmosphere and creepiness, the graphic designer (or team) in charge of this project definitely knew what they were doing. And since YA Gothic novel fans are sure to get excited about a cover that gets under their skin, I have to say that I understand the desire to check this book out. I felt it myself.

Tomorrow, I’m posting a review of this book, so at that time we can get into how successful the book itself is at generating the creepy factor. For now, however, I’d like to discuss the two book trailers that were released to drum up anticipation for this novel well in advance of its release date. The first one, known as the teaser trailer, was the one that got me excited for TheReplacement by playing with the Gothic overtones of the cover and juxtaposing it with the familiar lullaby, “Hush, Little Baby.” Just like the image of the book cover itself, the music and baby carriage have a pleasant and soothing quality that is completely undermined by the foggy atmosphere and the dangerous objects hanging above the carriage. Are they really a source of protection or do they portend that something bad is going to happen to the child in the stroller? Questions abound making this trailer one of the more successful I’ve seen, and best of all it focuses so much on the cover images that one can’t help but remember them when it’s time to search out the novel at your local bookstore or online.

Why don’t you check it out now?:

So what did you think? Did the teaser trailer get you in the mood for a tale of dark and ugly things? If you’re sensibilities are anything like mine, it likely intrigued you at the very least.

Now, let’s compare it to the the second book trailer that was released four months after the first one. If you take the time to play this video, I think that you’ll see there is a stark contrast between the first and second trailer. While the first one demonstrates the perfect use of the uncanny — making the familiar strange as is one of the missions of the Gothic, the second trailer is in stark contrast. It plays off the tradition of fairy tales beginning with “Once upon a time,” even though the novel doesn’t take the route, and utilizes the dark underbelly of traditional fairy tales to give an idea of what problems the main character will face. Unlike the first trailer, there is only a short moment in which the book cover imagery comes to pass, and instead they selected random photos and superimposed text to tell the tale. While there is some grating music thrown into the first trailer briefly, this one uses this type of background music for the entire video with a very dramatic overtone and some seriously creepy images. Check it out now before I reveal my full opinion:

What did you think? Which trailer did you prefer? Personally, I find that the teaser trailer was much more satisfying and original – even though it was merely employing the book cover imagery – than the second one. With the second one I got an idea of what the story was about, of course, but I was a lot more intrigued by the first one where only the images and music spoke because it allowed my imagination to speak volumes more than the second trailer ever could.

Now that I’ve said my two cents, I’d love to hear what you think. Did either of the two trailers speak to you? Did either of them make you want to check out the book? What did you like about the one you preferred? And if you prefer to learn more about the story as is possible with the second trailer, then I definitely want to know why – start a debate because ultimately, that’s why my site is here – to get people excited and talking about the books that they’re reading or that they want to read.

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