Great Gift Ideas: History That's Anything But Boring

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Right now I’m reading Marthe Jocelyn‘s Folly, which reminds me just how much I love and appreciate YA historical fiction. If you or the teen in your life thinks that this genre is a yawn, then you clearly haven’t been reading the contemporary reincarnations, and if you only give it a try, then I have a feeling that 2011 will be a year of playing catch up for all the amazing historical novels you’ve missed already.

Like I said yesterday, when I offered you a list of my favorite novels on a variety of issues, the following isn’t an exhaustive list my any stretch of the imagination. Rather I’m offering you a selection of my favorite historical YA novels, which I think would make a great gift for the reader on your list. Check out the selections and enjoy (alphabetical order by author’s last name):

Whether you’re looking for an escape to the Renaissance, the Restoration, the Victorian period or the Eighties, you’ll find something to enjoy among these books. A bunch of them, like the novels by Gardner and Bunce, use magic to spark interest in the story and don’t always offer purely historically accurate situations. Some of the other novels, like those of MacColl and Osborne, infuse fictional characters in amongst some real live characters, often will powerfully strong heroines that young women can look up to.

No matter which one of these books you select to give to the teen or adult reader on you list this year, I can bet that they’ll quickly learn that history is anything but boring. Prefer an eBook gift? Then check out any one of the over 2 million ebook titles from Kobo – Try FREE!

  2 comments for “Great Gift Ideas: History That's Anything But Boring

  1. December 16, 2010 at 10:49 am

    I’ve never heard of Nonna’s Book of Mysteries, but have now added it to my list – alchemy is always intriguing!

  2. December 16, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Yeah, alchemy is definitely intriguing, and if you like Nonna’s Book Of Mysteries, then you should know that it will eventually be part of a series. The second book will be called, Alchemy’s Daughter, is about Emilia’s grandmother and comes out in October of 2011.

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