Crossed by Ally Condie

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Reviewer: Melissa on June 19, 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In the Society, Cassia has always known what the rules were, even when she was breaking them in small and larger ways. But the rules are different outside of the Society. In Crossed, Cassia makes her way to the Outer Provinces to find Ky, who was taken by the Society to a place where death is imminent – only to learn that he has escaped into the majestic, and dangerous, canyons. In this world that is so different from the life she’s always known, Cassia sees glimmers of a new life and the promise of a rebellion. Of course, even as Cassia sacrifices everything she’s ever known and come to expect from her life to reunite with Ky, unexpected and ingenious surprises from Xander shake things up and may have her questioning who she really wants to be with all over again.

Although I fell in love with the characters and situations that Ally Condie creates for them in Matched, I didn’t rush out to read Crossed when it was first released. Despite the fact that I enjoyed the first novel, the quiet nature of the romance that develops between Cassia and Ky on the Hill, the way they share the poems and stories they know, and of course, the way he teaches her to write cursive was ultimately sweet, but less satisfying in comparison to a few other Dystopian YA novels that I read with similar storylines. At least, that’s what I told myself after time passed. If you’re one of those people who wanted more action the first time around, then you have to read Crossed. With the new characters readers meet, the addition of Ky’s POV, and the very different circumstances that Cassia, Ky, and Xander find themselves in, Crossed is sure to grab the attention of readers of all ages and make them want to run out to pick up the final book in the series, Reached.

While in the Society, much of the storyline revolves around Cassia’s typical day-to-day existence, including the way she interacts with her family and with both her match, Xander, and with the boy who should have never been in the matching pool because of his status as an Aberration, Ky. The second novel in the Matched Trilogy, however, begins with Cassia in her penultimate work camp – where she was sent at the end of the first novel to give her one last chance to find Ky before beginning her work placement in the Society. Whereas Cassia was used to being surrounded by citizens while in the Society, she’s living among Aberrations at the work camp. Whereas she once had free access to the Hundred paintings, Hundred poems, and Hundred songs whenever she wanted to peruse them and could talk to either her parents or Xander anytime, she and the other girls she lives and work with have made due with messages that come only one day a week and a single print out of painting #19 of the Hundred Paintings, all of which are printed on paper of such poor quality that it yellows and falls apart in no time. These changes, and of course, the adventures that Ky, Vick, and Eli and Cassia and Indie have through the canyons make this novel a great installment in the series as well as a book that is unlike anything readers experienced the first time around.

Finally, through the perspective of Ky, readers will come away with a very different understanding of the world that they always thought they knew. At times, Ky’s memories of his time with Cassia on the Hill will color the experience that readers remember from Matched and at others, it will help us see that maybe Cassia and Ky aren’t as well matched as they might have initially seemed because they want different things. What doesn’t change is that Ky is just as committed to finding Cassia as she is in finding him, but what will happen by the time readers get to the final page is up to you to find out.

Whether you liked Matched or you weren’t completely satisfied with it, pick up Crossed because as Cassia breaks out of the status quo bubble that she’s always lived in, you’re going to be left reeling.

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