Jewel of the Thames by Angela Misri

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Reviewer: Melissa on March 12, 2015
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

There’s a new detective at 221 Baker Street. Set against the background of 1930s England, Jewel of the Thames introduces Portia Adams, a budding detective with an interesting – and somewhat mysterious – heritage. Nineteen-year-old Portia has always been inquisitive; there’s nothing she’d like better than to work her way through a mystery. However, when her mother dies, there isn’t much time to dwell on why she’s been left in the care of the extravagant Mrs. Jones before she’s whisked from Toronto to London. Once there, Portia discovers that she’s inherited the former offices of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. In the first book in Angela Misri’s Portia Adams Adventures series, Portia gets to know her downstairs tenants, including the handsome Brian Dawes, and finds herself entangled in three cases. One involves stolen jewellery, the second a sick judge, and the last one revolves around a kidnapped child, but the greatest mystery of all is about her heritage. And perhaps, the biggest clue of all may be her new guardian.

While Jewel of the Thames wasn’t my favorite novel, it had a lot of twists that I didn’t see coming, making it a decent story. Early on in the novel, Portia proves to be an intelligent, resourceful, witty, and observant character. She’s the kind of girl, who can tell with a quick look that one of her snobby law classmates actually dyes her own hair with henna rather than go to a stylist and that she repaired her purse rather than buy a new one in the latest style. Her observant nature leads to very dramatic and satisfying resolutions to each case she takes on and way to unveil how she learns who her grandparents are. In addition, she’s introverted and is happy to spend days at a time in her apartment at times. Sometimes, it was like she went a little too far, but it was interesting to see a heroine who was somewhat vulnerable. If my experience is anything like what yours will be, then you’ll really love being a fly on the wall as Portia solves each of her adventures.

Before I continue with this review, I have a confession to make. I have never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels. My high school librarian recommended one of them to me, but I ended up not having the time to get to it (or some other woefully terrible excuse). In any event, I’ve never gotten around to reading his books, which means it’s possible that their format is like that of Jewel of the Thames. But if you haven’t read Doyle’s novels or they don’t have the same form, you should know that this novel (and possibly the other books in the Portia Adams’ adventures series) is divided into three parts: one part for each case that she attempts to solve. Most importantly for me, the events that occur in each case have a real effect in Portia’s life. They can make her more confident in her abilities as a part-time detective, but they sometimes make her feel the exact opposite.

Overall I enjoyed Jewel of the Thames, and I’m sure that it will appeal to anyone from the age of 10 and up.

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