The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1) by Lyssa Kay Adams

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Reviewer: Melissa on July 8, 2020
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

It’s smart, it’s sexy, and it’s a book that you won’t be able to put down. When I first heard about the concept for The Bromance Book Club last fall—a group of guys secretly reading romance novels to repair the damage with their wives and girlfriends, it sounded cute—I was definitely intrigued. Now I can honestly say that I’m glad I picked up this romance novel by new-to-me author Lyssa Kay Adams.

Beyond the description and concept, the other immediate hook of this novel, and the rest of the series, are the cute illustrated covers. In the case of The Bromance Book Club, we get an image of the backside of a a guy in a pair of blue jeans, holding a bouquet of daisies, who has a copy of an illustrated, historical romance novel shoved into one of his back pockets with a bunch of sticky notes saving various points in the book. Now, we all know that right now, the contemporary romance genre is filled with illustrated covers, which some readers are over. While I’ll admit that it is not always well done, I think this cover is too cute for words. Plus, the illustrator has an impressive ability to create realistic-looking shadows, which is something that we don’t always see.

I’m not going to lie, the way Gavin reacted to finding out his wife had been faking throughout their entire three year marriage was not right. He didn’t respect her because he had his ego damaged. However, as The Bromance Book Club goes on and he makes a concerted effort to pick up the pieces and get back into her good graces, I appreciated the balanced presentation. Thea also made some mistakes in their relationship. Both of them were hindered by things that had happened to them in the past, and they were reacting to what was going on in their current relationship as a direct result because of their backstories…something that is the foundation of the meta narrative, which is so cool in the Bromance Book Club Series. Both Gavin and Thea needed to do things to work on themselves before they were ready to get back to where they wanted to be together, and I think that this is a really healthy way of growing together in a relationship. This is not a toxic dumpster fire of a book, which is, unfortunately, a bad quality of some romance novels, which has coloured the way some people see the genre as a whole.

Beyond the main characters, I liked the rest of the cast. They aren’t all fully fleshed out in the first novel—the Russian—is literally just a series of bathroom and lactose intolerance jokes and Mack hits on every woman he sees and puts down Gavin constantly. Still, even someone who seemed like a shallow character like Mack had moments of sincerity, such as when Gavin finally admitted why he was in a bad spot with Thea when Mack immediately apologizes for the insensitive things he’d previously said about Gavin and Thea’s relationship.

In particular, I liked Del, Gavin’s best friend on the Legends baseball team, and his wife, Nessa, the one member of the WAGs who treats Thea with respect and as a true friend. Moreover, while Liv often came off as a one note character, she eventually gets to a place where she can admit that she was wrong, which is important for her growth and to set up her place as one of the main characters in the second book in the series, Undercover Bromance.

The other thing I really liked is the focus on the various tropes of the romance novel that the guys were reading for their book club that month. It gave the story a bit of a meta narrative vibe as the historical romance characters act out the big aspects of a romance plot through the novel within the novel, which is, in turn, reflected in a parallel way through Gavin and Thea’s second chance romance. Similarly, I enjoyed the way the book club members discuss their lives as if they were in romance novels, which obviously, the reader knows them for the romance heroes that they are. In particular, as someone who hasn’t read any historical romance novels, I enjoyed the way the author incorporates key aspects of the book club pick of the month while Gavin reads it, so the reader could take a moment to read over his shoulder…figuratively speaking of course.

Final Thoughts: The Bromance Book Club is a fun book that’s worth checking it out!

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