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#BellLetsTalk Day: Recommended Books on Anxiety

I wanted to write something for #BellLetsTalk Day this year, too. However, instead of sharing a list of additional titles that are good portrayals of a variety of mental illness representations, I thought I would focus on recommended books with anxiety representation. For many people, I think situational anxiety has become more of an issue due to the fears and uncertainty regarding COVID-19. Read more →

Blog post header with three white, folded paper airplanes and one yellow paper airplane down the centre of the graphic, facing back to front with the front pointing to the right side of the graphic. Except for the yellow airplane, which is at an approximately 45 degree angle, and pointing toward the top right of the graphic. Background is blue. There is a border around the edge in white with some intricate lines intersecting at each of the four corners. And in the centre, over top of the middle white and yellow paper airplanes, there is text that reads Blog Posts Can Affect Change in a handwritten-like font. The font is in white with the same yellow as the airplane in behind it to make it pop more. The whole graphic is rectangular with a 600x200 size.

Blog Posts Can Effect Change

So if I can affect change with this little blog, then if you see something that’s just wrong and you make some effort to get the message to the right people, even if you hit up the wrong part initially, you may very well be able to affect change, too. Never forget that.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Take care and stay safe,

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An Open Letter to the Libby App Email Header

An Open Letter to the Libby App, by Overdrive

I know mistakes happen. But I also know that if the characters in these books were white, the readers who picked up the books because they identified with the type of characters or stories they expected to find wouldn’t end up being disappointed in any way. People of colour should have the same reading experience when they seek books that show their culture.

I think that for all the reasons I stated above—this mis-categorization may offend people in minor or major ways, may cause them to completely distrust your app and refrain from using it anymore, and/or may perpetuate ignorance about other cultures when some people in the white “majority” pick up these books—someone should update this list immediately and take more care going forward when you create content lists without having actually read the books in question.


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Celebrate Shakespeare's Life With YA BOok Shelf!

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Life with YA Book Shelf!

For literary accuracy, all the causes of death, types of murderers, and activities one was doing before death in the Your Shakespeare-Style Death graphics show actual ways Shakespeare killed off both our favourite heroes and villains. And yes, I’m Canadian, so where possible, I used the Canadian spelling of words in the graphics below. Read more →