Teen Book Trailers

With Web 2.0 technology, anyone can create a great-looking video to promote their book. In this category, you will learn what to expect from the ya novels getting all the hype with each teen book trailer we present to you.

Book Trailer Talks at YA Book Shelf

Book Trailer Talks: Trailer Length Preferences

I soon realized that the majority of the book trailers that had caught my eye were either under one minute long or at most about 15 seconds over that time. Book trailers as diverse as those made for Hold Still by Nina LaCour, both of the books in the If I Stay series by Gayle Forman, Tell Me A Secret by Holly Cupala, and even the Australian trailer for Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver all fell into this time constraint. Read more →

Book Trailer Talks: Amateur Vs. Big Budget Trailers

Book trailers are both a great means of getting the message out about new books and a chance for those involved in book publicity and marketing to offer a new way to experience the novel for its audience. If you’re a book blogger, a book marketer, an agent, a publicist, an author, or merely someone who loves reading YA novels… Read more →

Book Trailer Talks: Fave Animated Book Trailers

Book trailers can be a great means of getting the message out about a new book, and they’re also a chance for a book marketing and publicity team to develop a creative way for readers to experience the novel. Whether you’re a book blogger, an agent, a book marketer, an author, a publicist, or just have an interest in the… Read more →