Teen Book Trailers

With Web 2.0 technology, anyone can create a great-looking video to promote their book. In this category, you will learn what to expect from the ya novels getting all the hype with each teen book trailer we present to you.

Tyger, Tyger Vs. Matched Book Trailers

When I first heard about Tyger, Tyger, and Matched, I couldn’t help but think of a couple other texts that have a place in my heart, namely the William Blake poem, “The Tyger” and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. If you are familiar with these classic texts, then you’d know that the opening line of Blake’s poem is the name… Read more →

Bad Girls Don't Die Vs. The Monstrumologist Book Trailers

I know that not everyone in the YA book blog community enjoys a great horror novel, but I certainly do. Today, I want to put the book trailers of two YA horror novels that I’m looking forward to reading head-to-head. Both of these novels came out in 2009, but I unfortunately, haven’t had the chance to read them yet. Check… Read more →

Hold Still Vs. Amelia O'Donohue Is SO Not A Virgin Book Trailers

Now, I’ve watched quite a few book trailers since I started YABookShelf.com, and while some have been great, I have no trouble admitting when one just doesn’t do it for me. Today, for the first time in Trailer Tuesday history, I just can’t choose. Today, I’ve decided to put two contemporary YA book trailers head-to-head, and I can’t decide which… Read more →

The Jumbee Vs. Nightshade Book Trailers

Typically, I post a book trailer or two that have caught my eye each week, usually for the same book. Today, however, I was feeling like offering my readers a bit of a change for the norm. Routine is okay, but every once in awhile you need to change things up a bit to keep them interesting, so I’m going… Read more →