Viral Marketing And YA Lit

Writers and publishers try to market their products online all the time, but some of them are a little humdrum. Every once in awhile though, you’ll find an idea that will explode on YouTube, Twitter, an author’s site or on some news site. In the viral marketing and YA lit category, you’ll find campaigns and ideas that made an impact and maybe, occasionally, those that flopped. Most importantly, you’ll get my interpretation of why.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If the budget is cut in your library, who ya gonna call? You guessed it – the next line should be Ghostbusters – and perhaps after that the singer would say, “I ain’t afraid of no cuts.” However, when faced with a huge budget cut, the New York Public Library just couldn’t afford the high fees associated with hiring Bill… Read more →

What Does A Rejection Letter Meme Have To Do With Speak?

Bill Shapiro has spent a considerable amount of time collecting rejection letters received from the famous, like Andy Warhol for a proposed exhibit at the MOMA, and the anonymous, like those who have their relationship end over a text message. In the article “‘Other People’s Rejection Letters’: 8 Of the Craziest Rejection Letters” featured at The Huffington Post, Shapiro makes… Read more →

Dear HS Self: #Gimme A Call

If your cell fell into a fountain and gave you the chance to call your younger high school self, then what would you say? What would you do? Twitter follows went wild for the Dear HS Self and #gimmeacall posts on the week of April 19th, but did the message for Sarah Mylnowski get out there? We discuss what would constitute success in an online book marketing campaign. Read more →