YA Book Accessories

If you love YA books, then checking out these YA book accessories will have you jumping for joy! Whether you’re interested in buying a YA book tshirt or some YA book swag, there are plenty of great options available to check out today!

Swimming Through A Sea of Books @ BookSwim

How do you get your YA books right now? Some of you get freebies from contests or other sources. Others head to their local bookstores to pick out the next book you want to read. Finally, a number of you might check out books at the closest library. While all of these options might work for some time, buying books… Read more →

Stylin’ GelaSkins Now Protect iPad & Other eReading Devices

Buy your favorite GelaSkins to protect your iPad or other eReading device Featuring: Over 100 international artists eReading Devices: Skins for iPad, Kindle, Nook & Kobo available now Value Priced: eReader skins for $19.95 iPad skins for $29.95 Special: Buy 3 GelaSkins and get 1 Free! We’re living in a world were customization is the norm. Some people spend $100s… Read more →

eReaders And The Future of YA Book Publishing

For hundreds of years, readers have become accustomed to the physicality of books. Some of us take the time to smell the pages of a book we’ve been waiting to read or, for the authors, to make it to print. We turn pages with anticipation when it’s a book that we love and with dread when we really wish that… Read more →

Must Have For Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Fans

Buy the one and only Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – The Shirt Materials: 100% preshrunk heavyweight cotton Availability: Women’s S M L XL & XXL Jane Austen fans probably thought that the chance of a new novel, or even a collaboration, were slim to none. I mean, anyone who died nearly 200 years ago doesn’t usually have the chance… Read more →