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Suicide Awareness Week Wrap Up

Over the last week or so, I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of promoting teen depression and suicide awareness to my readers. Many of you have left comments: Sometimes about your own experiences or those of people you knew. It definitely took some courage, and I really appreciate that you were willing to be part of this really important conversation… Read more →

Why'd She Do It?: Suicide Awareness Week At YABookShelf.com

Over the last few months, like you, I’ve heard the news reports about teen suicide as a result of bullying and other causes. At the same time, I’ve watched a number of the heart-felt, “It Gets Better” messages of hope by celebrities and YA authors and have read several books featuring teens suffering from depression, considering suicide, and/or dealing with… Read more →

YA Book Shelf Weighs In On YA Novels, Fave Characters And Predicts Who SHOULD Win The YA Death Match

Have you ever stopped to consider why it is that you like YA novels? Maybe you’re a teen yourself and the books in the young adult section speak to your real life experiences or give you an escape from them. Maybe you’re like me, an adult who thoroughly enjoys the experience of reading books aimed at a younger audience or… Read more →

YABookShelf.com Celebrates It's 100th Blog Post

Today, as you’re reading this post in fact, you’re joining in the celebration that I have on YABookShelf.com. As the title of article suggests, you’re currently reading the 100th post ever published on my site, and I couldn’t be happier to share this momentous occasion. Over the last three months and (nearly) two weeks, I’ve consistently offered you, dear readers,… Read more →