YA Mailbox

Each week I present to you a write up about the books and swag that I’ve received over the previous week in my YA mailbox. A lot of this content finds it’s way into my actual mailbox, but some of the books arrive in my inbox. Either way, you can expect to learn what about each item gets me interested in reading it. Some of these are contest wins, others I’ve bought, but no matter how I received them, I’m definitely happy to have them. And hopefully, you’ll be happy to read about them!

What’s In My Mailbox?: The January 17, 2011 Edition

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asking for your advice on what to read first from the list of new books that made it into my mailbox. I’m happy to report that a lot of you gave me your votes either on my blog, on Twitter, or on the YA Book Shelf Facebook group. Recently, most of you… Read more →

What’s In My Mailbox?: The January 10, 2011 Edition

It’s Monday; it’s time for What’s In My Mailbox. This week, I have a few books that have either just come out last week, or are being released in February. One of them is contemporary YA, others are Gothic or suspense-filled reads, and there is even a paranormal book for me to check out. Are you as excited as I… Read more →

What's In My Mailbox?: The January 3, 2011 Edition

Every once in awhile, I get some books in my mailbox that I wasn’t expecting from some of my favorite publishers. Sometimes I think that one of the books might not do it for me, but more often than not I’m pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about the new novels that I’m privileged enough to read in advance of the actual… Read more →

What's In My Mailbox?: The December 20th Edition

Some book bloggers read a very select number of genres for their site. I focus primarily, as you know, on young adult fiction, but I have really broad reading interests, which means that I love reading books from a variety of genres. Perhaps that is part of the reason that I’m so excited about the wide range of books I… Read more →