YA Mailbox

Each week I present to you a write up about the books and swag that I’ve received over the previous week in my YA mailbox. A lot of this content finds it’s way into my actual mailbox, but some of the books arrive in my inbox. Either way, you can expect to learn what about each item gets me interested in reading it. Some of these are contest wins, others I’ve bought, but no matter how I received them, I’m definitely happy to have them. And hopefully, you’ll be happy to read about them!

What's In My Mailbox?: The December 13th Edition

As we get closer and closer to the holiday season, I’m at once getting excited about the new 2011 books that are coming out, but also feeling slightly nostalgic for the 2010 books that I haven’t yet had the chance to read. If I fell like I’m being pulled in multiple directions, then it’s a little ironic that the two… Read more →

What's In My Mailbox?: The November 29th Edition

Now, you know I love both realistic, contemporary YA and paranormal teen fiction (among many other types of books). Some of them are hard hitting looks at real life issues, while the paranormal ones, well, they’re just a bit of fun for the most part. If you have a penchant for either of these categories of young adult novels, then… Read more →

What's In My Mailbox?: The November 22nd Edition

Today is my mom’s birthday. Actually, it’s both my mom’s and my aunt’s birthdays (they’re twins). Like me, they both read a lot, but I’m not sure what they’d think of the latest titles that made their way into my weekly mailbox post. I have a feeling that they might not be as enthused about some of them as I… Read more →

What's In My Mailbox?: The November 15th Edition

Getting to know those who are different than you is something tricky for people of all ages. Kids have questions they can’t answer and adults don’t want them to ask out of politeness. Adults try to pretend that they don’t notice anything different, even though they clearly do, because they’re trying to be politically correct. And teens, on the other… Read more →