YA Novelist Interviews

Whether you’ve read the books that these novelists have written or not, you’ll love my indepth reporting when you check out each of my YA novelist interviews. Some interviews have a forced or contrived feel to them, but you can rest assured that my one-on-one talks with these writers will be authentic and heart felt. I usually have the authors come back on the interview publication day to answer your questions and comments, so come by often to learn more about these novelists with an eye on the teen audience.


Interview with Michelle Levy, Author of Not After Everything

Did you know that September is National Suicide Prevention Month? I did, and when a publicist from JKS Communications asked if I wanted to help promote Michelle Levy‘s novel Not After Everything as part of this national awareness campaign, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I couldn’t hesitate because suicide awareness and prevention are very important issues to me. A select number… Read more →


Interview with Cecil Castellucci, Author of Stone in the Sky

Rather than be shipped to Earth, Tula keeps [Trevor]. And I think that to her Trevor has always been like a pet or a teddy bear. She found him. She painted a face on him. She cried to him. She let him go only to have him be left behind. I think to her, Trevor is a thing that makes her feel as though she’s not alone when she’s alone. He’s there for her. Read more →