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How Does YA Lit Inspire You?: L.M. Preston Talks About Being A Writers Advocate

L.M. Preston is a YA author with a few published works under her belt and another one, Bandits, set to be released in June 2011. However, writing isn’t the only publishing related work she does. She also considers herself a seasoned writer’s advocate. Not sure what that is? Want to know what inspired her to become one? You’re in luck because she answers… Read more →

What Should Teen Readers Know About The National Reading Campaign?

Today, as part of my How Does YA Lit Inspire You? feature, Priscilla Uppal, Canadian poet, novelist, professor at York University, and member of the Youth Committee for the National Reading Campaign, has generously offered a guest post for my readers. She’s written a great piece about the inspiration behind the National Reading Campaign, what it means for teen readers,… Read more →

How Does YA Lit Inspire You?

Being a YA book blogger, I’ve come in contact with a lot of people who are inspired to write YA literature. Some of them are published authors or soon-to-be published authors. Others are aspiring writers who get excited about the teenage experience in more ways than you can even imagine. Whatever stage they (or you) are at in the YA… Read more →