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Great Gift Ideas: Get A Wireless Kobo For The Big Reader

Ever since the Kobo eReader came onto the scene last spring in Canada, it has been talked about as being the low-priced option that’ll kill Kindle sales here. Why? Well, I think we can all agree that the major factor separating eReaders like the Kindle from the new kid on the block is the issue of digital rights management (DRM)… Read more →

I've Got A Serialized Secret For You

Now, I don’t know about you, but last Tuesday, when I posted the Tell Me A Secret book trailer, I kinda fell in love. From the various animation styles blended together to the great voice over and dramatic soundtrack, it’s definitely a winner. Now if I wasn’t already itching to buy this new YA novel, I certainly am now because… Read more →

eReaders And The Future of YA Book Publishing

For hundreds of years, readers have become accustomed to the physicality of books. Some of us take the time to smell the pages of a book we’ve been waiting to read or, for the authors, to make it to print. We turn pages with anticipation when it’s a book that we love and with dread when we really wish that… Read more →