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Representations in YA Lit: My Veg/Vegan TBR List

[F]rom comments I read on Goodreads or speaking to other readers and authors, it seems like there are a range of representations in the books below, including the experience of a teen who seems to use vegetarianism or veganism as a means of restricting or controlling the food they eat in a way that may be unhealthy in The Art of Falling for example. While I do think it’s possible to have a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, some teens and adults might not go about in the right way, which makes this story just as necessary as one where there isn’t any problems represented. Read more →


Mrs. Kim & the Representation of Veg/Vegan Characters in YA Lit

It’s been 15 long years since Mrs. Kim and her vegetarian diet first aired on Gilmore Girls, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are more examples of vegetarians and even vegans in pop culture. Even better, more often than not, the representation of characters with diverse dietary needs – vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise – is generally presented in a more positive way. Read more →