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How Does YA Lit Inspire You?

Being a YA book blogger, I’ve come in contact with a lot of people who are inspired to write YA literature. Some of them are published authors or soon-to-be published authors. Others are aspiring writers who get excited about the teenage experience in more ways than you can even imagine. Whatever stage they (or you) are at in the YA… Read more →

Tell Me A Secret Book Trailer

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve made an effort to find a book trailer for either a book I was in the midst of reading or was looking forward to checking out in the near future. This week, I wanted to talk about Holly Cupala‘s recently released trailer for what has been hailed “a powerful debut novel.” Yes, that’s… Read more →

What Do You Think About Arctic Thunder’s Book Trailer?

Last week, I posted the two book trailers that Penguin created for Gayle Forman‘s debut novel, If I Stay. The first one was nearly one minute long, and was filled with a lot of superscript words from start to finish, and it was created to promote the hardcover edition of the novel. Having already read the novel, this trailer appealed… Read more →

Book Trailers: What Not To Do

On Tuesday of this week, I asked my readers to compare the two official trailers made by Penguin Young Readers to promote Gayle Forman‘s novel, If I Stay. I received quite a few comments on my site and through Twitter where my readers mentioned not only which one they preferred, but also why. Now this might seem like a small… Read more →