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4921900971 760b176b39 Mockingjay Book TrailerLast Tuesday, I counted down the days until Mockingjay ‘s official North American release with you by asking you to vote on your favorite Catching Fire promo video. In case you missed that post, you still have time to vote for your favorite trailer. Two of them were official trailers with the main different being the length and the words use to describe novel, while one of them was a much longer and very different video that actually spoke about both of the first two novels in the The Hunger Games trilogy.

If you’re interested to know, most people selected either the first or the third trailer last week, but I think what we all are really looking forward to checking out is the newest trailer, the one promoting Suzanne Collins‘ latest novel, Mockingjay. If you are in the US and are lucky enough to attend one of the midnight parties, then congratulations. I’m sure that these type of things are a blast. I, however, am in Canada, so I’ll be heading out to my local indie to pick up this novel as soon as it opens. (One of the privileges of working for myself from home is that I can make time for this excursion.) If it’s anything like both The Hunger Games and CatchingFire, then I’m sure that both myself and many other readers around the world will be devouring this novel in a matter of days. However, please respect your other reading friends and don’t start throwing around spoilers across the Internet right away. This is the most anticipated book of the summer, and I happen to think that if you ruin it for one of us, then you kind of ruin it for everyone.

Now, without further ado, check out the book trailer for Mockingjay and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of it:

Personally, I really like this trailer, and I don’t think that it gives too much away. I watched it for the first time last week before I’d even read Catching Fire, and it didn’t spoil anything for me. In fact, it was only after reading the previous two novels that I truly understood everything. I like that Scholastic used the same type of layout and formula to present the new trailer, but I have to say that I wonder what their trailer for the first novel would have looked like…it doesn’t appear as though they made one.

Anyway, tell me what you think, enjoy the trailer and whether you’re Team Gale, Team Peeta or Team Katniss, then I hope that the ending is what you wanted it to be.

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