Great Gift Ideas: Get A Wireless Kobo For The Big Reader

5251121055 7eb6bf7787 Great Gift Ideas: Get A Wireless Kobo For The Big ReaderEver since the Kobo eReader came onto the scene last spring in Canada, it has been talked about as being the low-priced option that’ll kill Kindle sales here. Why? Well, I think we can all agree that the major factor separating eReaders like the Kindle from the new kid on the block is the issue of digital rights management (DRM) protection. When you buy a Kindle, you limit yourself to buying books from the Amazon store, whereas a Kobo has an open platform, which supports EPub, PDF, and Adobe DRM format and even enables you to borrow books from your local library.

While some popular eReader models (Nook, Sony eReader Touch, and Kindle) are only available in the US and, in the case of the Kindle, the UK, readers from Canada, the US, UK, Austrailia and New Zealand can all enjoy the Kobo wireless eReader Great Gift Ideas: Get A Wireless Kobo For The Big Reader. This is the lightest wireless eReader on the market, which makes it more comfortable to hold. Now you can even select your favorite color, so every reader can have an eReader that matches their personality. However, I’ve heard that the black eReader makes the screen contrast even more crisp and clear. Most eReaders allow you to change the text size, but I really like the idea that on the Kobo, you can select between a serif and a sans serif font depending on your preferences. Finally, the addition of a pearl eInk display makes the screen contrast 50% better than the previous model and makes it’s display quality equal to the competition.

It comes with space for 1000 books, and includes 100 free classic novels, so you can start reading right away. If you ever find that 1000 books doesn’t quite do it for you, then you can expand it carry up to 10,000 books with a 32GB SD card. Want to start reading some popular books right away? You can choose from over 2 million ebook titles – Try FREE! However, if you pick up a new wireless Kobo for yourself or for someone on your shopping list this holiday season, then you can select one of the Holiday Bundle Packs, which give the big reader on your list two or three additional books that have received a lot of buzz. Think your brother would like to check out the Millenium trilogy? Then the Millenium Trilogy bundle will be sure to light up his eyes. Have a sister who can’t get enough of the Vampire Diaries on TV? Perhaps she’ll want to take a bite out of the three-book Vampire Diaries bundle. Is your guy a big film buff as well as a reader? Then you can bet that when he sets his eyes on the books which inspired such films as Up In the Air, The Social Network, and Charlie St. Cloud in the Books On Film bundle that you’ll be remembered as getting him the best present ever. Finally, if you know someone who loves Canadian culture or would just like to learn more about it, then then Made In Canada bundle will spark some interest. Finally, if you know someone who likes to read romance novels, but who is embarrassed to read them in public, then she’ll definitely appreciate the Racy Romance bundle. In fact, there just might be a holiday bundle available for everyone on your shopping list!

Many of my reading friends got the Kobo rather than another eReader and are soooo happy with it that when my sister asked me for a recommendation, I gave my wholehearted approval to this model for the reasons stated. However, when I found out that there is a 30-day money back guarantee, I knew that I’d suggested the right option. If she doesn’t like it or doesn’t think that it’s the best eReading experience out there, then she can get a complete refund! Sound good – that’s what I thought too!

Are you in the US? Then use this promotional code Kobo20 — $20 off any Kobo wireless eReaders Great Gift Ideas: Get A Wireless Kobo For The Big Reader between now and December 31, 2010 only to save big!

  4 comments for “Great Gift Ideas: Get A Wireless Kobo For The Big Reader

  1. December 11, 2010 at 11:56 am

    Wow, I never knew any of this. I’ve been in the market looking for an eReader and I had no idea that we were so resticted in Canada for our choices. Are you sure we can’t get a Sony eReader in Canada? I swear I saw one at Costco. Well anyways, all this information is good to know, thanks.

  2. December 11, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Hmm…I should have been more specific in the article. You can get a Sony eReader in Canada. In fact, I have the Sony eReader Pocket edition because I won it in a contest, but it doesn’t have wireless connectivity as the Kobo one does. What I said in the article is that, at least not right now, you can’t get the Sony eReader with a touch screen, which is the newest version on the market. Also, the current Sony eReader Pocket Edition is $30 more than the Kobo – a difference of $179 and $149 in Canadian prices respectively.

  3. Alicia
    December 11, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    I received a Kobo for my birthday. My mother-in-law works at Walmart and the employees were given a special price for Kobo for a limited time. Since my I’m the ONLY reader on my in-law’s side, I got the Kobo….for $78!!! I haven’t had a chance to really use it as I have a bunch of physical books on reserve at the library to get through. And the bonus is that my local library does support the eBook program so that’s a plus. I just have to figure out how it works… LOL

    Kobo isn’t anything fancy but it does the job it’s made to do. I’ve seen some reviews from no-so-happy-campers with the Kobo, but I got the impression from these reviews that they expected it to do more than just support books/magazines…????

    Even though I haven’t really used my eReader yet, I would totally recommend Kobo.

  4. December 11, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    Very cool, Alicia. That’s a great deal!! Yeah, I think the library thing is great if your library supports it. Mine, unfortunately, doesn’t, and though there is a library not too far that does, it’s not technically part of Montreal, so it would be pretty expensive to get a library card here. I’m sure that you can talk to either your library or Kobo customer service to get help with using it for the eBook program.

    Yeah, it’s not fancy, but it’s easy to use from what I’ve seen and it’s great that it’s expandable with an SD card if you find yourself with a big eBook collection.

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