Undercover Bromance (Bromance Book Club, #2) by Lyssa Kay Adams

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Reviewer: Melissa on July 10, 2020
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I don’t typically read the description of a book—anyone who reads my reviews regularly would know this. Even though I didn’t read the description for Lyssa Kay Adams‘ Undercover Bromance, in hindsight, I knew that Liv and Mack would be a couple in a future book in the Bromance Book Club Series when, in the middle of The Bromance Book Club, Liv walked into Gavin and Thea’s home and completely ignored Mack. If you’ve read the first book in the series, then you know that this doesn’t happen very often, and the hate to love vibes were flowing so strongly that it was impossible to ignore.

As with the first book in the series, the cover for Undercover Bromance is done in the cute, illustrated style that is common for contemporary romance these days. The shadowing that the illustrator managed is not quite as prominent, but the image of a guy reading a post-it note, marked up copy of The Protector, a faux romantic suspense novel, while in a disguise aka a nondescript baseball cap and mirrored, aviator sunglasses, is pitch perfect for the content of the book itself.

If you’ve read The Bromance Book Club, then you know that Liv and Mack are the perfect example of an enemies to lovers pairing. In the first book, Mack seemed to be just a womanizer, flirting with every, single, woman he meets, and picking on and flipping off Gavin. There was only one moment in the first book where he seemed anything other than this—yes, I’m speaking about that moment when he sincerely apologized to Gavin upon realizing that his jokes played on Gavin’s very real insecurities about his marriage. Similarly, Liv is a stubborn woman who will do anything to protect the people she loves, like Thea and her nieces, so you know that she will hold everyone she meets accountable, especially Mack. At the same time, when she reached out to Gavin to tell him that Thea is going to need him, you could tell that she could get passed her own issues when it came to the needs of those very same people. If it wasn’t for these two moments, I think it would’ve been hard for me to identify and sympathize with these characters before I picked up Undercover Bromance.

Just like The Bromance Book Club, Undercover Bromance is a sexy, contemporary romance novel between two characters, but in this case, they don’t have the history together that Gavin and Thea had. They aren’t trying to save their relationship; instead, Adams’ brings them together to find a way to catch Liv’s asshole of a boss’ for his history of sexual harassment, and through that process, they become closer until it becomes obvious—in a good way—that they’ll fall in love.

From how he was presented in book #1, I have to admit that I didn’t expect to find Mack to be the kind of guy who he really is. In the opening moments of the book, he’s planning to ask a woman to be his exclusive girlfriend, but all his efforts at impressing her—purchasing champagne and The Sultan, a $1000 cupcake—seems tone deaf to her and way over the top. This is the kind of guy he seemed to me initially, but over the course of the novel, I started to see that he was way more than this. He represented a lot of the feminist messaging in the novel, including the idea that men have to call out and stop other men from sexual harassment and assault. Moreover, he is just really super sweet and charming.

Some people may criticize Liv for being such a strong, outspoken woman. I’ve heard some people call her rude on Goodreads, but I don’t agree. She did sometimes speak harshly toward Jessica and Alexis, and she had to, rightly, apologize. However, she was just so focused on doing the “right” thing, even if it cost her job and her reputation with the restaurant industry, that sometimes she said things in the wrong way. Beyond the professional and friendship realm, Liv is sometimes harsh with Mack, something that comes from her own insecurities and trust issues—again, backstory is everything—but at the same time, you can tell that she’s a really sweet person with simple desires, like snuggling with Mack on the couch and talking at the end of the day.

As someone who hasn’t read any romantic suspense novels, the one thing that I wish would’ve seen in this novel would be getting the chance to read large parts of the romantic suspense novel that the guys in the book club were reading, aka The Protector, just like we had the chance to read parts of the historical romance novel that was featured in Gavin and Thea’s story.

Final Thoughts: If you liked The Bromance Book Club, definitely check out Undercover Romance.

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